Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Fear of Application

There was a moment of absolute terror and absolute excitement this morning as I filled out and send in my application for the house. Suddenly, all the chatting with family and friends and looking at pictures became real. Money was going on the line and filling the application in meant I was really doing this. This was going to happen. And the moment I hit send and sent that application in, the chaos was going to begin. But I knew I wanted to do this, even if logistics are daunting and I'm a little crazy as I haven't seen the inside of the house yet (!) but it has a bathtub, a great view out to the garden and pond, and they're installing a fireplace so really, how bad could it be? (I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me by just writing that).

The terror part comes in that in order to get this house I have to sign a lease for the end of January. *GULP* I think at this point I'll sign the lease and pay the fees remotely and not take residence until middle of February just because of the logistics of what I need to do here, but we'll see how well things go. Liquidating the house is going to be an adventure...I think I'm going to talk to an auction house in Commerce, CA and see if they'll take on my stuff as it's basically an estate and I have some nice antique pieces.

I had mistakenly double paid one of my credit card bills to the tune of $200 which was the money that was earmarked for the application so I had to do a little creative financing to make sure the money was there. And once that was set....I sent it in.

And so...the adventure begins. The estate agents are going to be in and out in the next couple days, but once they tell me how to get the fees to them for the credit check and application then the house will be "Let Agreed" with me. Meaning no one else can get the house in the meantime and steal away my cottage from me...

Parents have (reluctantly) agreed to take Otis and my car and my sister Jennie has (even more reluctantly) agreed to take the cats. After six months the animals will clear UK quarantine and be able to fly over. So now it's just the logistics of clearing out the house...which is daunting. How did I manage to accumulate so much junk?!?!

Away we go....

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