Thursday, February 11, 2010

Better late than never....

So forgot to post this...was written about a week ago on the plane (2/5/10), before we found out that the cottage was in an almost derelict state (filthy and pretty much uninhabitable)...getting a refund though still mulling over offering them a few months' rent for me to make it habitable as it is pretty special. That's probably news to some of you, but stay tuned...waiting to write about that until I know where I'll actually be living. Extremely grateful for my aunt and uncle who are letting me stay with them in Salisbury...ah the adventure continues.
I no longer live in Los Angeles.

After 4.5 years that sounds strange to me but as I watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and the lights of LA fade into the distance, I realize that where I live, at this very moment, for all intents an purposes, is in this airplane seat.

I have a home I am going to, a cottage in the English countryside. In Somerset. A cottage I've paid my months rent and deposit for...but one I've never yet seen except for the romantic, idyllic pictures posted online by the estate agent and the aerial view from Google earth. I don't know what the interior looks like...and my aunt who lives in Salisbury is convinced there is no running water in the 200+ year old cottage. Tomorrow I find out.

I leave behind a life in the film industry as a script supervisor, the last few years in network television. Where 15 hour days, 65+ hour weeks meant no social life. To go live in the middle of nowhere where it's going to be hard to find a social life. Interesting trade.

A series of flukes led me to the website listing my cottage for rent. A cottage on an estate with the prosaic name of Lillybatch Cottage. And all of a sudden it became WILL I do to live here instead of what COULD I do if I lived here. The wheels started turning, the plans set in motion and today I find myself on a plane to a new house in a new country and a new life.

And no fear. Strange but true. So for the next 10 hours I live on American Airlines, but when I step on the plane, I am not visiting England. I live in England. I will be a resident of England.
And that sounds magical.